Why choose WSD

Our stock is updated in real time and we are able to ship 99% of orders the same day.
We deliver quickly everywhere in France and in Europe
We support you in your land creation projects or multi-activity complex
We offer training in the management of a fleet of paintball equipment to start your activities in the best conditions.

Discover WSD, Your Trusted Paintball Equipment Wholesaler

Welcome to Wicked Sportz, the partner of choice for professional paintball enthusiasts. As a leading paintball wholesaler, we specialise in the exclusive distribution of the famous Tomahawk brand of paintballs, as well as the complete supply of essential equipment needed to open and run a successful paintball field.

Tomahawk: Unrivalled performance

WSD is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Tomahawk paintballs. These high-quality paintballs are renowned for their accuracy, reliability and exceptional performance in the field. Thanks to our exclusive partnership, you have access to a complete range of Tomahawk products, ensuring the satisfaction of your most demanding customers.

Complete equipment to open a paintball field

WSD does more than just distribute paintballs. We understand the specific needs of paintball field operators and offer a complete range of equipment to help you create an unforgettable experience for your customers. From field design to the supply of high quality safety equipment, WSD is your partner in turning your passion into a successful business.

Our complete range includes :

Tomahawk Paintball Balls: Top quality paintball balls for intense and exciting paintball games.

Paintball Markers: A diverse selection of paintball launchers from different well-known brands to suit all preferences and, above all, the intensive use of a paintball field.

Protective Equipment: Essential safety equipment, including masks, face shields and more.

Field Layout: Expert advice and equipment for the efficient and engaging design of your paintball field.

Entertainer's equipment: Artifices (smoke and grenades), maintenance tools, dispenser tubes and spare parts.

Consulting Services: Our team of experts is on hand to advise you on the best practices for field management.

Why choose WSD?

Tomahawk exclusivity: Enjoy the competitive advantage of offering your customers the best paintballs on the market.

Wide Range of Products: A one-stop shop for all your paintball equipment needs.

Expert Advice: Benefit from the experience and knowledge of our team to ensure the success of your business. Wicked Sportz has been a specialist wholesaler and distributor of multi-activity equipment such as paintball, inflatable bubbles, recreational shooting and gel blasters for over 20 years.

Fast delivery: We understand the importance of product availability. Our efficient logistics network guarantees fast and reliable deliveries.

Turn your passion for paintball into a successful business with WSD, your trusted partner. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services.

WSD also offers other complementary activities for your leisure park


The inflatable bubbles offered by Wicked Sportz

In addition to being a paintball equipment wholesaler, Wicked Sportz specializes in providing inflatable bubbles. These bubbles can be used for several activities and we offer two types of bubbles:

The Bubble-Foot Premium: This is the bubble for practicing frenzied soccer games where the contacts send the opponent to the other end of the field! An original way to play soccer with friends! Two models are available: with or without window for the player. 

The Rolling Bubble: Available in one or two seats, the Rolling Bubble allows you to explore the great outdoors by rolling once placed inside the bubble. An original activity full of sensations! 

Wicked Sportz offers the purchase of a bubble-foot for children and adults. The rolling bubble is available in 1 or 2 places. 

Our products for recreational shooting activities

We offer a wide range of equipment for recreational shooting. Wicked Sportz provides equipment for various forms of recreational shooting: 

Archery, target shooting or Fun Archery

Crossbow shooting, Blowpipe shooting, Slingshot shooting or even recreational rifle shooting.

In addition to recreational weapons, we provide the accessories and tools necessary for optimal practice: Ammunition, Targets, various accessories (notches, wax, replacement strings ...).

Gel Blaster products offered by Wicked Sportz

Wicked Sportz has the new Gel Blaster Surge product! Gel Blaster is the new shooting activity that kids and adults alike will enjoy. The game is played with battery powered blasters that shoot water based gel balls at the target. These gel balls are harmless, environmentally friendly and do not stain, so you can have fun without any constraints! 

As an alternative to paintball and water pistol, the Gel Blaster has everything to be successful. Thus, we offer all the equipment necessary for its practice: 

Blaster, Ammunition (gel bags), Game arenas, Obstacles, Protections and various accessories.

Add Axe Throwing, an ideal activity for EVGs

A unique and exciting experience with axe throwing, a leading activity at the heart of multi-activity grounds, supported by our comprehensive range of exceptional quality equipment. As a specialist wholesaler, we provide everything you need to offer your customers an exceptional axe throwing experience.

Our catalogue offers a diverse selection of high quality axes, robust targets and essential accessories to effectively equip your axe throwing ground. We understand the importance of safety and durability, which is why all our products meet the highest industry standards.

As the preferred partner of multi-activity ground operators, we are committed to providing you with exceptional service, competitive pricing and fast delivery. Whether you're creating a new entertainment centre or updating your existing equipment, our team is here to help you succeed.

Make your venue the place to be for axe-throwing enthusiasts by offering top quality equipment. Choose from our range of products to ensure a safe and memorable axe-throwing experience at your multi-activity venue. Let us be your privileged partner in the exciting adventure of axe throwing!