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The paintballs are the basis of the discipline. The main function of these paintballs is to hit the opponent by leaving a mark to confirm the hit.  The choice of paintballs is therefore very important for a good practice of paintball. Wicked Sportz Distribution, as a wholesaler of paintball paintballs, has understood this and offers the best products with Tomahawk paintballs. 


Tomahawk paintballs: The quality reference


Our products are the result of more than 20 years of experience in the field of encapsulation and knowledge of the paintball industry. 

Today, the Tomahawk brand is known for offering the best paintballs in the world. This commitment to producing the best paintballs can only be achieved through the continuous pursuit of the best manufacturing process and the highest quality standards. From raw materials to the best machinery and information technology, we spare no expense to find the optimal formula to produce the best paintballs on the market. Tomahawk paintballs provide all the guarantees of quality for an optimal practice for both amateurs and professionals. 


The different Tomahawk paintballs 


Tomahawk offers a wide range of paintballs. The products are adapted to each use and each level. Thus, everyone can find the paintballs that best suit their needs. The paintballs are mostly packaged in boxes containing four bags of 500 paintballs. 


Tomahawk recreational paintballs 

This range of paintballs is ideal for players practicing the discipline as a hobby at an amateur level. The paintballs are available in several colors: Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange and Green.

The paint is easily washable and the paintballs are 100% biodegradable. Available in 0.68 caliber, they will satisfy a large audience. 


Tomahawk balls for regular players

Suitable for training or scenarios, the "field" or "classic" paintballs are aimed at regular players who already have some experience and are looking for a more qualitative product. These paintballs are quite rigid with a perfect trajectory. They have a paint that spreads well over the target to highlight the hit. They are also 100% biodegradable for a 0.68 caliber. 


Tomahawk balls for competition 

Tomahawk offers within its range of balls dedicated to a competition use. These balls have made their reputation during tournaments throughout Europe. These aggressive and thick balls break quickly on impact making the hit very visible. In addition, the paint is difficult to wipe off limiting the risk of cheating. These are simply the best Tomahawk paintballs. 


Special Tomahawk paintballs 

Among its range of paintballs, Tomahawk offers special series. The first one is designed for winter use. More rigid, they are less likely to break with the cold.  

Tomahawk also offers glow-in-the-dark paintballs, ideal for night practice. Always 100% biodegradable for a 0.68 caliber.


Why trust Wicked Sportz? 


Since 1999, Wicked Sportz Distribution is the specialist in the supply of products for paintball. We are the paintball distributor for professionals

We offer our customers a wide range of equipment and accessories to practice the discipline in the best conditions. Costumes, suits, launchers, protections, equipment for paintball field and of course ammunition. Our offer is wide and allows to cover all aspects of the practice in optimal conditions. 

WSD is the exclusive supplier in France of the Tomahawk brand. So don't hesitate to contact us to get your Tomahawk paintballs at wholesale prices.


The main steps of manufacturing in pictures: 

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