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Paintball parts supplied by Wicked Sportz Distribution 

Wicked Sportz Distribution is the supplier of outdoor accessories and equipment to many professionals. We offer items for bubble guns, recreational shooting, gel blasters and paintball. We are since 1999 the wholesaler specialist in professional paintball equipment. Thus, we provide all the equipment and accessories necessary for a good practice of paintball: protections, launchers, paintballs, suits and paintball spare parts. 

Paintball spare parts are essential for paintball professionals. Equipment such as launchers are in high demand and often need to be repaired. Fortunately, Wicked Sportz Distribution has a wide range of paintball parts. 


Choosing Wicked Sportz for your paintball parts

As a professional paintballer, your paintball equipment is under a lot of pressure. Repairs can quickly become necessary and so can the need for paintball parts. Wicked Sportz Distribution as a wholesaler for paintball equipment for over 20 years offers a wide range of spare parts. 

We have a solid experience and expertise in the field of paintball equipment. We select our products with care in order to offer our customers the most suitable equipment. The paintball spare parts are therefore an essential part of our offer. Today we have a very complete spare parts catalog with thousands of references in stock. We want everyone to be able to find what they need. 


Wicked Sportz Distribution's paintball parts offering

Wicked Sportz Distribution offers a wide range of paintball parts to our trade customers. We stock many brands and models so that everyone can find what they are looking for. 

The brands

In order to offer our customers the paintball spare parts they need for their repairs, we strive to offer a wide choice of brands. The main paintball brands are represented to ensure the presence of the right spare parts. Thus, our customers can find the following brands 

- Tippmann

- Valken

- Spyder

- Empire

- Eclipse

- Tiberius

The models

In addition to the choice of brands, we offer paintball spare parts corresponding to a large number of launcher models. The main launchers on the market are in the catalog to best meet the needs of professionals. 

Spare parts available for the following models: 

- Tippmann 98

- Tippmann A5

- FT12

- FT12/FT50 Lite

- F12 Lite

- Blaster Field

- BT4

- SW1

- Gotcha

- Spyder Mecanique