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Animations and EVG with paintball costumes


Wicked Sport is your paintball costume supplier! For over 20 years we have been a wholesaler of paintball equipment and offer the right costume for every player's desire and every game situation. We offer products for professional use for the best, but also for the general public!

Beyond the classic suit, the paintball outfit can take the most original forms to add a touch of fun during the games. Birthday parties and bachelor parties can be good occasions to transform the paintball suit into fun and original costumes! 


Paintball Costume Disguises


wholesale paintball disguise rabbit and chicken


The rabbit costume

The bunny paintball costume is the most popular costume for bachelor parties! It brings a touch of originality and fun to the paintball games to bury his bachelor life with dignity. On the practical side, its unique XXL size makes it ideal to practice paintball serenely and with style! 

The super zero costume

The paintball costume that pays tribute to the most famous superhero with one detail...the hero here is a zero! A funny touch that will make paintball players laugh when they want to find an original costume. Its XXL size makes it suitable for optimal paintball practice in any situation! 

The chicken chick costume

A must-have costume! Ideal for birthday parties or bachelor parties, the chicken chick paintball costume is the hilarious touch for wild games. It's the perfect way to organize a real chicken hunt in a paintball costume. 

The plumber costume

For the most geeky players, the costume that pays tribute to the most famous hero of the video game universe! The famous moustachioed plumber is available in a paintball costume ideal for a comfortable and safe practice. 

The prisoner costume

The paintball costume to have fun playing the prisoner in a lively game. The prisoner costume is a great classic of the animations and is always a great success, which can be found in an optimal outfit for the practice of paintball. 

The Tarzan costume

The most famous man in the jungle also has his own paintball costume! For even crazier games, the Tarzan costume will bring originality to any paintball game.