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Paintball nets for professional fields - WSD


Wicked Sportz : your paintball and airsoft net supplier 


Wicked Sportz Distribution is a specialist wholesaler of paintball equipment and other outdoor activities. 

As a specialist in paintball equipment, we offer a wide range of tools to optimize your practice, such as launchers, ammunition, protections and also paintball nets and airsoft nets to practice the discipline in complete safety. 


Why choose Wicked Sportz paintball and airsoft nets? 


The paintball and airsoft nets offered by Wicked Sportz Distribution have all the optimum characteristics for good practice, from size to strength. Thanks to our expertise as a wholesaler of paintball equipment, and numerous outdoor activities, we know how to select the best products for good paintball and airsoft practice, both for leisure and for competition. 

The practice of an activity such as paintball or airsoft is not totally harmless and can, if not done properly, be dangerous. It is therefore essential to get the best possible equipment with optimal quality to limit the risks. Thus, we provide quality nets that can be delivered anywhere in France and Europe. 


The paintball and airsoft nets supplied by Wicked Sportz


Wicked Sportz is a wholesale supplier of paintball equipment. Amongst the wide range of products we offer, paintball and airsoft nets are of particular importance. 


We supply different types of nets: 

- Black paintball net 90G/M2

- Black paintball net 110G/M2

- 3M X 50M black airsoft net 240G/M2

- Eco Paintball Net 3M X 100M black/green 70G/M2

Each net has specific characteristics depending on the choice of size or even resistance depending on the type of use. 


In addition to the nets, we offer useful accessories for their installation: 

- Cables

- Fixings

And other essential tools for the successful installation of your nets. 


How to install and use your paintball and airsoft nets 


In order to ensure good practice of paintball and airsoft, it is important to take care of the installation of its field. Thus, the nets must meet certain criteria in terms of assembly and quality. It is imperative to use dedicated nets and to avoid tarpaulins and other nets that do not respect a minimum weight of 70G/M2. Also be careful during the installation not to stretch them too much in order to prevent them from deforming.